Bluestacks for windows

Mobile devices and laptops are non-separable parts of our daily life. Most of us are addictive in using these devices to perform all the essential works of the day. Sometimes people prefer to use their mobile devices to do their task than laptops because of their more user-friendly interface. So it would be very convenient to have the ability to use all these Android applications on their laptops.

Bluestacks mobile company provides such an app player called bluestacks app player. It allows people to work in their Android apps with similar Android experience on their laptops. It was first introduced in 2011. This software provides the advantage of using Android apps in Windows or Mac operating system by forming an android window over the actual operating system to simulate a similar work environment. Everyone can use the beta version of this software for free. But after a few days of installation, it will ask to pay $2 per month to continue. It will also suggest you buy its sponsored version every day. For latest update you can download bluestacks 2017.


Once you have decided to get the advantages of bus takes app player, all you have to do is to go to the bluestacks official website and download it. The installation process is similar to any other software of your laptop. The installation wizard provides proper instruction during the installation so that no one get stuck in middle of the process. While installation, bluestacks ask for certain permission such as app store access. App store approval refers to the ability to connect with Google play store or Amazon app store. It allows them to update apps and maintain other activities without further permission. It will also ask you to read its license info and privacy policy. Its privacy policy dictates that you are allowing bluestacks to connect with you through text, push notifications and e-mails by accepting the policy. You can enable these options without having any fear of getting spam messages from the company. It also provides the option to uncheck these options as well. After all the custom navigation, it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to configure and finish the installation.

An icon is added to your desktop to access bluestacks after the installation is complete. You will see some focus bluestacks give to gaming apps when you first launch the program. A row of apps will be shown mostly with gaming apps. Unfortunately, you will find it hard to discriminate between the apps you have already download and the apps you are suggested as they are arranged in the same manner. The apps will be organized in alphabetical order that is ready for you to use. You will get a list of apps suggestions by clicking on the more apps menu. Bluestacks suggests you sync the app data between your mobile device and laptop. You can access the data from your phone by using this sync in your laptop. Bluestacks gives you an overall emulated Android work environment.

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